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Wood Radiator Cover
Metal Radiator Cover
Baseboard Cover

Stock Surplus Metal Radiator Covers for Sale at Reduced Prices



39H x 8D x 66L        Bone White         120.00  Flush Grill  No lid

36H x 5D x 25L        Bone White         100.00

33H x 8D x 40L        Lt. Alabaster        100.00 Cut outs, paint little rough


28H x 8D x 32L         Dark Brown         120.00   

27.5H x 5D x 30L      Bone White         120.00

27H x 5.5D x 40L      Bone White         120.00 Square Corners cutout on right

27H x 9D x 40L         Bone White         180.00  Bookend left 9 x 9

26H x 8D x 58L         Bone White         150.00  (x2 covers)

26H x 5D x 36L         Bone White         110.00

26H x 7D x 26L         Bone White         100.00  BB cut outs X2 Covers

26H x 4D x 25L         Bone White         100.00

26H x 4D x 24L         Bone White         100.00 Square Corners

25H x 5D x 26L         Bone White         100.00

25h x 12D x 25L       Bone White          100.00  (x2 covers)

24.5H x 7D x 40L      Bone White         120.00  Square, flush grill

24H x11D x 60L        Gloss White         160.00 Baseboard cuts

24H x 5D x 29L         Satin Black            80.00   

21H x 14D x 71L       Gloss White         200.00


15H x 15D x 68L       Bone White        Make an Offer   Cutout on sides 7"h x 3"D  X 4 covers 



33h x 11D x 43L       Gloss White         140.00  (X2 covers)



26H x 8D x 29L         Bone White           100.00  Convector box style Flanges turned out

23.5H x 6D x40L       Bone White             80.00  Square Flush Grill

23H x 2D x 40L         Bone White           80.00   Square Convector Unit (x2 covers)

30H x 4D x 57.5L      Gloss White           120.00  Flush grill Square corner Inset unit



30H x  7D  x 55L       Bone White          140.00 Cut outs on both sides 

30H x  7D  x 60L       Bone White          140.00 Cut outs on both sides


Stock Surplus Metal Baseboard Radiator Covers old style

12H x 3.5D x 120L        Bone White       150.00  2 pieces w/splice plate

9.5H x 4D x 85.5L         Bone White       100.00

9.5H x 4D x 55              Bone White        80.00

9.5H x 4.5D x 62L         Bone White       100.00  Left end open

8.5H x 4D x 56L            Bone White        80.00  both ends open

8.25H x 4D x 82L          Bone White       120.00  both ends open


8H x 3.5D x 58.5L         Bone White       100.00  Right end open

7.5H x 3.5D x 42.5L      Bone White         70.00


Stock Surplus Metal Baseboard Covers New Style

9.5H x 3.5D x 45L         Gloss White       70.00




Stock Suplus Wood Radiator Covers

20H x 6D x 18L     Oak Contemporary          50.00 


All prices quoted exclude shipping.  FOB Leola, PA 17540